TOP 10 best ways to learn English for 3 year olds

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TOP 10 best ways to learn English for 3 year olds

How to learn English for 3-year-olds is the best? From 3-6 years old is considered the golden stage in language acquisition in children. At this stage, the child's brain learns and absorbs all kinds of languages ​​quite naturally and flexibly. Therefore, most experts recommend that parents should let their children learn foreign languages ​​at this age. In the following article, Kyna For Kids will introduce parents to the best learning methods for 3-year-olds.

10 ways to learn English for 3-year-olds

1. Shorten the child's learning time

Most parents want their children to learn quickly and excel quickly in a short time. Therefore, each lesson usually lasts 1-2 hours with dense knowledge. However, this is not the right method for 3-year-olds. At this age, the baby's attention span is quite short, lasting only 10-15 minutes. Therefore, parents should help their children learn English during this time.

2. Break down vocabulary

Similar to the above, parents should divide each vocabulary into each child's lesson. The division is so easy to help your child's brain absorb quickly, remember for a long time. At the same time, learning too many words at once can easily confuse children. Because at this time, your child's brain also takes time to process information, classify and remember. In particular, parents should also let their children learn by topic clusters. Your baby is more receptive, more excited to learn.

3. Application of interactive learning

The dry, all-word and word-only lecture can easily make us adults discouraged from studying. It is the same with young children. Fluently learning vocabulary without practical combinations can easily make children become discouraged. Therefore, the interactive form of learning promotes a child's learning ability much more.

This form of parents can apply through many different methods such as listening to music, learning flashcards, learning with real objects in real life,…. Your child's brain can easily recognize, classify and process images and vocabulary. At the same time, the interactive form of learning also helps children apply more easily in life.

4. Diverse study methods

Don't just let your child sit in one place, look at the vocabulary and memorize it. The brain of a 3-year-old child is easily absorbed when being enhanced in physical activity and in the outside environment. So, help your child to learn while singing along to English songs or simply bounce, ...

There are also many different types of English learning activities online. Parents can also easily refer to and choose suitable learning methods for their children.

5. Learn English for 3-year-olds with practice

Learning English is like learning Vietnamese, parents often have to repeat many words over and over. From that reminder, children can easily remember and apply to life. Parents can diversify reminders for their baby.

For example, on the first day of learning vocabulary, the second day is learned through things / events in life,…. Just like that, the diversity of learning forms promotes the immediate application in life for the baby.

6. Set expectations on your child's abilities

Each child has its own strengths and abilities. There are children who have the advantage of listening, others are strong in reading, ... Therefore, parents should not hastily set expectations too high, not right for their abilities. Please observe, fully practice 4 foreign language skills in the first stage. From that activity, parents easily understand their children and set appropriate expectations, helping to promote their English language ability to develop quickly.

7. Incorporate the game into your lessons

Every child likes to participate in lively and fun games. So, to enhance the ability to absorb, attract English learning in children. Parents can alternate between learning through interactive games. However, avoid games with a big win or lose. This can easily lose the right meaning and practice bad habits for your baby.

8. Apply vocabulary to manual jobs

Crafts are one of the subjects quite familiar to young children. This is an activity that helps develop creativity, stimulate imagination in children. Therefore, learning vocabulary through manual form also helps children easily memorize vocabulary. At the same time, that activity also helps children to quickly apply foreign languages into practice.

9. Learn English for 3 year olds by topic

As Kyna For Kids said in the vocabulary section, learning by small topics easily helps children quickly memorize and absorb. With this form of learning, your brain can distinguish words and understand how to use them. This creates a premise to help children apply foreign languages in life.

10. Limit the introduction of the native language while learning

Quite a lot of parents often bring their native language right in the process of learning foreign languages. For example: what is the other fruit? What is this English name?…. With such a form of learning, it limits the ability of children to reflect foreign languages, forcing them to translate from Vietnamese into English. Therefore, while learning a foreign language, help your child have a true English environment.

English topic 3 year olds should learn?

1. Learn through familiar objects and events

Familiar objects are small objects used and seen every day. Learning through these items in the early stages of learning English helps children easily absorb. Parents can also regularly practice daily at home.

2. English topics through pictures, pictures, cartoons

Pictures, paintings and cartoons are topics that often appeal to children. With colorful patterns and characters, the child will be more easily attracted to and memorized faster. In particular, parents can let their children listen to pure English cartoons. At this time, parents also do not worry whether the child can understand or not. Because this form creates a natural English environment and will absorb into children every day.

3. Use familiar children's songs

Songs with many familiar melodies that are easy to listen to, memorize and sing along will greatly boost your child's English learning. Maybe in the 1st or 2nd time listening to the song, the baby cannot sing along or memorize it quickly. However, when listening many times, your brain has gradually formed habits and reflexes. At this time, children can sing along and memorize vocabulary and sentence structure more easily.

4. Application of word puzzle, puzzle game

One of the most frustrating skills for children is memorizing words and vocabulary. Children can easily listen, speak and read easily. But learning vocabulary is extremely difficult. Therefore, parents can apply jigsaw and puzzle games to increase the fun in the learning process. This attracts him or her more and also helps him memorize faster and longer.

Learning English for children 3 years old is considered a premise for their child's future English development. At the time of starting at 3, all activities and knowledge around are naturally received by the child's brain. Therefore, learning a foreign language in the period is extremely reasonable for children. At the same time, parents can also apply the Kyna For Kids methods shared above. These activities both increase the fun and help your child learn much faster.