Notes on choosing a preschool for your child

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Notes on choosing a preschool for your child

Children are the future preschoolers, so choosing the first school for them is always an important issue, requiring parents to carefully consider choosing a school and choosing a teacher.

Children are the future preschoolers, so choosing the first school for them is always an important issue, requiring parents to carefully consider choosing a school and choosing a teacher. Before this big turning point, besides the concerns about psychological preparation for children, parents also have many concerns when finding a suitable learning environment for their children. Here are the things parents should consider when choosing the right school for their child.

1. Facilities

Information about recent school accidents has made parents more cautious about the facilities of preschools. Here are the factors that parents should keep in mind:

Outdoor playground

Children need at least 60 minutes of physical activity each day to become smarter and more agile. Therefore, the outdoor playground plays a very important role in helping your baby entertain, exercise, and communicate with friends. A standard playground should have:

• Large, well-ventilated space, enough for children to run and play.

• The yard is flat, not rough and slippery. Ideally the yard should be covered with wood, rubber or artificial grass. Because when falling on these materials, children are almost painless and less scratches.

• Toys are rich, suitable for young children, made from safe materials, not sharp, not easy to fall, trapped limbs.

Indoor playground

Indoor playgrounds help children avoid extreme weather, so parents need to pay attention:

• The space should be ventilated, cool, without many objects entangled.

• The floor is lined with suitable material, not smooth, easy to fall.

• Toys are diverse, safe and meet the baby's needs.


This is a factor that should be specially observed because the classroom is the place where babies are most active. The criteria include:

• The room is beautifully decorated, creating excitement and comfort for children. For new children, the colorful and fun design will help attract attention and make them feel at home.

• Cool, clean, quiet space with plenty of sunlight.

• Besides recreational toys, classrooms should be equipped with games to help children develop their intelligence such as puzzles, puzzles, musical instruments, and comic books.

• If the classroom is also the child's sleeping place, parents should check the lunch break conditions including: mattress, pillow, blanket, air conditioner, ...

• Classrooms are fully equipped with teaching materials, sanitary equipment, medicine cabinets and medical equipment to ensure the best learning process for children.

• Safety always comes first. So the utensils in the classroom should not have sharp edges. In case of a must, these tools should be out of the reach of children.

2. Quality preschool.


During the time of kindergarten, your child will have some changes in personality, habits, behavior as well as attitudes towards everyone around. In the face of these changes, teachers play a very important role in directing children towards good and away from bad.

Personality, language as well as communication style of teachers have a great influence on children. They will be the one who on behalf of parents to educate the baby into the routine of life, instructing the baby on how to take care of himself as well as teach the baby to be human. Good teachers as well as experienced boat drivers, they will definitely take your children to great corners of life.


For the most accurate and comprehensive view of your teacher, take note of the following:

• Voice: teachers should have a loud, clear voice, not lisp or stutter.

• Qualifications: preschool teachers need to be well trained through school or at least have a skill in child rearing. The basics learned earlier will help teachers manage the class effectively as well as react quickly, calmly and professionally to problems that arise in the classroom.

• Teacher-student interaction: teachers should have a proper, friendly and loving attitude. Whether teachers are caring, patiently listening or treating them fairly or not will largely determine the interest and affection that children give to teachers, schools and friends.


Kindergarten is not only an environment for children to learn and play, but also a place where babies recharge for a long day. Therefore, make sure the kindergarten you choose meets your child's nutritional needs. Moreover, the quality of food hygiene and safety also needs to be ensured. So, to evaluate this criterion most accurately, check if the school kitchen has the following conditions:

• The menu is plentiful, varied, changing according to season and age. The food groups are evenly distributed in each meal to ensure that the baby is provided with the most necessary vitamins and nutrients for the body.

• Food has a clear origin and meets the standards of food hygiene and safety.

• The kitchen is well ventilated, clean, and the dishes are carefully cleaned. Use detergents that are non-toxic and do not affect your baby's health.

Education program

Agreeing to send your child to school means that you are accepting for your child to be educated from another source. So, make sure the school's training program is in harmony with what you teach at home. A good training program should include activities such as:

• Life skills training

• Teaching foreign languages

• Extracurricular activities

• Talented development activities

In addition to the above main goals, geography, tuition fees and school leadership are also factors that should be considered when choosing a preschool for children. If possible, visit the school before letting your child attend to have the most accurate and comprehensive view.

Hopefully, through this article, parents will choose the most suitable school for their children.

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