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Về Kidtown

Scientific studies have shown that in the womb, the infant's brain weight is 25% of the adult brain; 1 year old reaches 50%; 2 years old reaches 75%; 3 years old reaches 90% of adult brain and 6 years old is almost perfect in structure. Really amazing about this speed, right? Therefore, Kidtown focuses on promoting the development and perfection of the brain of children from 0 to 6 years old - is the ideal period to foster, activate and develop the physical and intellectual potential of children. a basic personality and good human qualities.


Kidtown's teachers and teachers always persist in a flexible, learning-in-play teaching method. With the motto "children learn unconsciously and teachers must guide deliberately", to Kidtown, children will be activated thinking, maximizing the intellectual potential of the brain to develop the whole in terms of language, intellect, thinking, physical, personality, life skills and potential for giftedness ...


With appropriate and lively facilities and the dedication of a dedicated team of teachers, you will have a happy and effective learning foundation to prepare for the next steps. Come and accompany Kidtown to "unleash the wonderful abilities of the Angels".