Methodology and curriculum at Kidtown

Vietnamese English


Methodology and curriculum at Kidtown


Share rules in communication so that children can clearly express their own feelings, ideas, thoughts; At the same time, having many opportunities to speak in front of the group is one of the basic skills that helps an individual integrate and succeed in the future.

At Kidtown, the teachers and teachers will create an environment for your child to bathe in a variety of language games, letter cards, picture cards and story books by age group. At the same time, writing skills are also developed in accordance with the control ability of the brain. In all activities, it is based on the principle of "teaching flexibly, learning in games, deliberate teachers and learners are unconscious", helping children to develop language naturally with excitement and passion.

Together with international native teachers and Vietnamese teachers, children can simultaneously practice verbal skills, interoperability, critical thinking, creative expression, comparative visualization, and skill. skill and skill. English is not only used during class hours but also used in fun activities; through games, music and reading.



Kidtown builds a curriculum that follows your child's Key Developmental Indicators such as:

  1. Numbers & numeric symbols: Child identifies and uses numbers and numeric symbols.
  2. Counting: Children can count many objects around.
  3. Part-whole relationship: Child associates and categorizes the number of objects.
  4. Shapes: Child identifies, names and describes shapes.
  5. Spatial awareness: I perceive the spatial relationship between people and objects, have the ability to navigate in space.
  6. Measurement: Children measure, describe, compare and order objects.
  7. Unit: I understand and apply the concept of unit of calculation.
  8. Patterns: Children identify, describe, copy, complete, and create patterns.



Music in learning and relaxation helps children develop their sensitivity to the beauty of music at a very early stage by being constantly exposed to music of different genres. In the next stage, children are introduced to the characteristics of music in a soft and enjoyable way through games and hands-on experiences with musical instruments and instruments. From there, it helps children understand and feel music in a natural and exciting way.

The painting program will help children become familiar with the elements of painting such as lines, pieces, colors, materials, shapes, and the basic principles of this art.



Kidtown's training program helps your child develop basic skills such as body control, movement skills, balance and movement awareness in space. Through physical games, children learn how to move safely and practice cooperation and teamwork skills. The physical parts include: development of gross and fine motor; balance practice on tools; Daily aerobics and relaxation yoga.



Participating in social activities, community helps children have concepts and knowledge about culture, festivals, history, geography ... suitable for their abilities. In the first stage, children are introduced to and memorize social knowledge in the style of "horseback riding and watching flowers" and at a later stage (from 5-6 years old), they are encouraged to conduct plus planning projects Simple companion under the support of the ladies.



Being familiar with experiments, research, and information gathering using their senses helps your child identify some simple laws, make guesses, and discuss his ideas. From there, there will be good perceptions and develop a sense of self-respect, respect for other organisms and environmental protection.



In each of the daily activities in the above mentioned areas, children will develop their self-awareness, knowledge and skills in healthcare, hygiene, nutrition and safety. Children are supported to develop positive attitudes, values ​​and ethical qualities for themselves, and to develop effective social communication skills.

Self-service skills, self-study skills, research skills, thinking skills, self-management skills, people interaction skills (small group leaders, cooperation with friends, children small, public speaking…) is formed and developed through the daily activities, learning and playing at school.


8 / Lifetime learning skills:

From its formation throughout the 4C Skills Kit, it includes:

  • Creativity - Creativity: At Kidtown, you don't have to be a baby like another baby, you always have the freedom to express yourself.
  • Critical thinking / Complex problem solving - Critical thinking: You are allowed to say NO to things you disagree with with high respect from teachers and friends.
  • Communication - Communication skills